If you have a question about Holmes Run Acres, you can probably find the answer in one of the HRA publications below.

• Holmes Run Acres Membership Directory
An indispensable guide to life in the Acres, published annually and supported by vendor advertisements. Lists contact information for neighbors, board members, community resources, and neighbor-to-neighbor services. The directory also cross references street addresses with names of residents. Invaluable!
Free to civic association members

•  HRA: The Story of a Community
The unique history of Holmes Run Acres is captured in this three-volume set. Written by the neighbors who lived here with occasional reprints from magazines of the day. There is minimal overlap between the volumes, so you should consider all three if you want the complete story.
Volume 1 ($4.00)
Volume 2 ($4.00)
Volume 3 ($8.00)

For further information or to place an order:
Call 703 573-8111 or email Mia Gardiner.


•  Yarding About with GraineThumb
George Graine is a long-time HRA resident and Master Gardener. There is nothing better than his expert advice on what to grow in the Acres and how to grow it. This volume is a compilation of 25 of the best "GraineThumb" articles published over the years in The Holmes Runner.

•  Nature in the Acres
A compilation of articles from The Holmes Runner about our natural world here in HRA.

•  The Community Within and Beyond
Another compilation of Runner articles — this one by HRA original resident Sarah Lahr, who has kept us up to date on events and changes in our community and the world around us.