Norm Atkins
Norm has lived in three different homes in the Acres and served many years on the board. He is the "go-to" guy who puts together the Egg Hunt, the Yard Sale and does whatever needed to get the job done. Norm had a long and fulfilling career in sales and marketing. Now he enjoys growing vegetables, putting up posters and selling HRA Directory advertising.

Scott Birkhead
Scott and his wife Patricia have lived in the Acres since 1973 and currently reside on Sherwood Court. They have two grown daughters who were raised in the Acres. Scott was a past board member of both the Civic Association and the Recreation Association and he is currently the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. Even after all these years of raking leaves, he stills loves the Acres especially on those summer days when you turn off Gallows Road and feel the temperature drop several degrees. He wants to work to assure the Acres continue to be the type of neighborhood that has kept us all here for many years.

Cathy Cox
Cathy Cox has been a member of the HRA community for the past year, but her connection goes back to 1982, when she spent time in the Acres pet/housesitting for a friend and fell in love with the architecture and the California-feel of the neighborhood. When she decided to buy her first single-family house in the area, she immediately thought of HRA. Cathy works for the interactive division of the Washington Post, selling advertising around the world, and served for 3 years on her condo board in Arlington. She lives with her partner, George, and her cockapoo, Callie. Her favorite part about HRA is the acceptance and inclusion of everyone and the diversity of the people in the neighborhood. Having lived in Northern Virginia off and on for over 35 years, this is the first time she has found this.

Peggy Daley
Peggy, a retired nurse, has lived in the Acres for many years. In the past two years, she has served as the assistant secretary and as the HRACA representative to the Federation of Civic Associations and the County’s Task Force on the Woodburn Center for Community Mental Health and the Inova Fairfax Hospital Campus.

Stan Darke
Stan is 36 years old, and grew up in Northern Virginia. He went to University of South Florida for 2 years and then VCU with a degree in Art Education. He taught Middle School art for 7 years while starting his t-shirt business on the side. Then he went full time into his business, which was about 5-6 years ago. He has always had interest in Architecture and interior design, and has developed an even greater interest in Mid Century Modern design since he has been living in the Acres (5 years).

Edith Forde
Edith and her husband Tom have lived in the Acres for almost 6 years. Edith is the mother of 3 spirited kids under the age of 5, and an architect currently on maternity leave. She volunteers for various concerns, in DC and here in the Acres. Most recently, she is proud to have seen the culmination of over a decade of careful volunteer work result in the Georgetown Waterfront Park in DC. Closer to home, she volunteers for the House and Garden Tour, and does Neighborhood Watch. She would be happy to serve the community in a kid-focused capacity

Catherine Fort
Catherine (fka Catherine Johnston) moved to HRA in late 1995. She joined the board in 1997 and served as president for two terms (1998-99 and 99-2000). In 1999, she represented HRA on the County's Citizen Task Force on the Beltway. In 2001, she served as coordinator for the 50th Anniversary Celebration. After a break, she returned to the board and served two more terms as president (2004-05 and 05-06). She feels it is important to work together as a community to keep HRA a very special place to live.

Mary Beth Gardiner
Three years ago, Mary Beth married Paul Fetters, moved into his house on Hartwell Court, and promptly joined the Holmes Run Acres board! She has been happily serving as co-editor of The Holmes Runner ever since. Of course, she's familiar with the job—in her other life she's the editor of the quarterly magazine of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, based in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Now if she could only figure out how to do away with that daily commute.

Mia Gardiner
In the many years that she and her husband, Keith, have lived in the Acres, Mia has been editor of The Holmes Runner, board member, chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee and nearly all other aspects of the community.

Michael Jaworek
Michael has been the Programs and Social chair for the last few years and is responsible for the great music at recent events. He, his wife, Debi (a native Acreite), and son, Lee, love living in the Acres.

Ann Johnson
Ann has lived in the Acres since October 2001. She is impressed by the way neighbors support each other and appreciates living in a place where her grandchildren can come and be close to nature. A retired social worker, she has helped maintain this unique and wonderful community

Paul Kulwatno
Paul Kulwatno has lived in Northern Virginia since arriving in the US from Thailand in 1977. He attended Stuart High School in Falls Church and graduated from Virginia Tech in 1988. He practices architecture as a senior associate at HSMM, Inc. in Washington, D.C. He has designed many K-12 schools, laboratories, and federal government projects. One of his favorite projects is the renovation of James Madison High School in Vienna. He is married to Wichuda (Poom) Kulwatno and has a son, Prin, who is a fourth-grader at Woodburn. He has lived in Holmes Run Acres since June 2007 and has enjoyed the great neighbors, the majestic trees, and the mid-century modern homes. He has participated in community service events such as Rebuilding Together in Washington, D.C. and Canstruction for the Arlington Food Assistance Center. He looks forward to serve the great neighborhood of Holmes Run Acres.6

Jay Liwanag
Jay and his wife Lindsay moved to Holmes Run Acres in December 2007. Both were raised in the Washington area. They have been very pleased with the strong sense of community, activity, friendliness and sustained traditions prevalent in the neighborhood. Jay currently works for a bi-partisan non-profit in DC helping to educate students in the areas of leadership, civic engagement and professional achievement. He has been active in the community, volunteering with various cancer awareness organizations and currently coaching youth tennis and soccer in Falls Church. He would love the opportunity to play a more active role in ensuring Holmes Run Acres traditions continue, representing the neighborhood on important community issues and helping to build awareness about our community and neighborhood through open and consistent communication. He feels he will bring new and creative perspectives with respect for the past and traditions

Cindy Roy
Cindy, a resident since 2004 when she married into the Acres, is a full-time insurance analyst and a professional part-timer:  part-time needlewoman, novice runner, fundraising volunteer, and 6-year board member at her previous homeowners' association, and she is proud to serve HRACA in the same way.

William Schenck
Bill and his wife, Lynn Christopher, have lived on Sycamore since 1988. He is a retired librarian and worked at the Library of Congress until he retired in 2000. He was the blockhead for his part of Sycamore for many years; he participates in Neighborhood Watch and is an infrequent contributor to the Runner. He cares deeply about our community and wants to do what he can to keep it special.

Carrie Schori
Carrie moved into the Acres in November 2004, finding their house by sheer luck as they drove down Gallows and saw the 'For Sale by Owner' sign. Upon entering the Acres on Surrey , she knew this would be where they would live. She is currently employed by a small business managing projects for the CDC's National Violent Death Reporting System and for TSA supporting the Personnel Security Division. Her personal interests include gardening, vinyarding, traveling, visiting with family and walking with her husband Eric and their Golden Retriever, Mosby, through the Acres.

Janet Schreiber
Janet moved to HRA in 1954 with her parents and started at Woodburn School, then went to Annandale High School. Her parents were always active in the community, and her Girl Scout troop delivered The Holmes Runners and regaling the community with Christmas Carols every year. After years away, she moved back to HRA when her two sons were babies. She has previously served on the board, and is part of the Neighborhood Watch. She would like to do more regarding historic preservation (she volunteered on the committee). She feels this community is a gem, and should be preserved, and that other communities in urban/suburban areas could learn from the people who have been so devoted for so many years

Dave Smith
Dave is retired from engineer/management in the Federal Government. A long-time resident, he helped establish Luria Park—from a dumpsite. Dave is a Neighborhood Watch member, and his interests include nature, our bird and animal friends, community security, HRA road repair; Luria Park as an aid to fulfilling community needs; and beautification and enhancement of our dwellings as an expression of our community collective character. Most recently, he has served as a Chairman of the HRACA Community Facilities Committee, and member of the HRA Community Sign Replacement Committee.

Nancy Spielberg
Nancy joined our neighborhood in December 2007 when she married Frank Spielberg, a 40 year resident of the Acres. “I thoroughly enjoy living in the acres because the people are great: friendly, interesting, and open. And I love the trees!” Nancy, a retired Fairfax County high school teacher, currently represents the Woodburn Precinct on the Fairfax County Democratic Committee. As a past president of the HRACA, Frank has encouraged Nancy to run for a position on the board in order to help keep the wonderful spirit of Holmes Run Acres alive and well.

Dixie Valosio
Dixie and her husband Charles (Chip) have lived in the Acres since 1971. They have two grown children who are both married and live in the area and 3 grandsons, with a granddaughter coming in August. Dixie retired from the CIA in1995 with 32 years service. She also worked at Friendship United Methodist church as the Administrative Assistant. Chip was the Membership Chair for many years when he was on the board, with Dixie’s assistance. She has been a block hostess for many years and currently takes care of two blocks. She has always been interested in our fine community.